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2 06 2008

Okay, I just have to confess my affinity for the actor/ blogger- Darryl M. Bell. For those who have known of my whole existence on this earth, know that my father was an avid- A DIFFERENT WORLD fanatic. It is not by coincidence that my name is Britany Elise Rickett. Those of you who are ADW savvy, know that two of the characters/roommates were Whitley (Jasmine Guy) and Jaleesa (Dawnn Lewis). My daddy wanted to name me Whitley Jaleesa after his favorite female characters but my mom put a halt to that real quick. So they named me Britany Elise because it sounded kind of similar and my dad approved. 🙂 Now with the background info out of the way….onto the pertinent business! 

I follow in my Daddy’s footsteps and love A Different World. My favorite character however is Ron Johnson played by the handsome Darryl M. Bell. He also appears as a Gammite in School Daze but I will talk about that more when I do my “Love of Spike Lee Movies” post. 

The only problem is that I hadn’t seen Darryl M. Bell since Homeboys in Outer Space and was wondering where he could possibly be. He just doesn’t have that much info on the net until I came across this blog called Urban Thought Collective where he has his own column called Tube Talk. OMG OMG OMG. How cool is it that I am reading the words of one of my favorite actors…KEEP READING IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER! So I comment on one of his posts and then I check back today and not only is he underneath my post but he specifically talks ABOUT ME! 

Yeah this may not be a big deal to you but to me it is AMAZING!

I promise when I start making movies….I will have to cast him for my own viewing pleasure! 

Check out the blog at Urban Thought Collective- Darryl M. Bell Tube Talk
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDarryl M. Bell Now -still sexy sexy!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDarryl M. Bell back then- sexy sexy


Little Darryl M. Bell facts:

  • Chicago, Illinois Native
  • Birthday is May 10, 1963
  • He is a lifetime member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. – The oldest intercollegiate black greek fraternity.
  • Graduate of Syracuse University
  • Played in School Daze, A Different World, and Homeboys in Outer Space to name a few






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11 06 2008

Thanks for visiting UTC. Hope you’ll come again and check out Darryl every Thursday…

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