Hot New Music: Stefani Vara

27 06 2008

This is a prime example of how you never should burn bridges and always network! When I moved back to Houston, I attended West University Elementary School where I met Tre Folensbee. With all the networking sites, we added each other as friends on Facebook and I must admit that dude is doing his thing. He invited me to a group about Stefani Vara and I just listened to her song on myspace called Water. You don’t have to know the chemical composition of water (its H20 by the way) or know Chemistry to realize that her voice has perfect chemistry with this beat. I immediately got an idea for the perfect video treatment which means that the song produces imagery. (You know I am a film pro major so that stuff matters to me lol) Her voice is very airy and the song is almost ethereal. Water is smooth and so is this song. This is not a bubble gum pop by any means but it makes you feel good. I guess that is why the nutritionists say to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Along with your diet regimen of water, add a daily dose Stefani Vara to your music intake. 

You can visit her myspace by clicking here. 

Thanks Tre!

Look out for the review of Tre Folensbee coming up shortly!!!!


The Poetics Noire: Volume I Updates

27 06 2008

The book is coming along GREAT but we still need MORE submissions. Don’t be shy! This is your chance to get published. I hope that the book will be done before my 20th birthday but if that isn’t the case, I will be more than happy to have it as a late birthday present.  

Check the pages at the top for more information regarding my up & coming poetry anthology, The Poetics Noire: Volume I. 



27 06 2008

First of all, I love it when I receive a comment from anybody because it just means that people appreciate what I have to say but today when I was checking comments, I received one from one of the funniest news anchors on television who happens to be on my list of the hottest men on TV. I respect him from a journalist’s point of view and absolutely love him from a viewer’s point of view(lol @ viewer’s point of view). I respect him even more now because of his comment on my little website It just shows you that there still are good people on television who are personable and appreciate their fans. 

PhotobucketFor those of you who don’t know Mitch, he is an anchor/ weather man on the Daily Buzz which is one of the best and most lively morning news shows that I have seen in a long time. One thing that I like is their music selection. You will hear a little bit of everything and everybody meshes so well together. For people in high school and college who hate watching boring news shows, this one is for you. This is actually one of the first newscasts that I started watching because I was tired of being depressed by all the other lames. The stories have meaning and opinion isn’t mixed with fact unlike FOX NEWS! oops … Did I say that?  So don’t take it from me, watch the show on TV or the snippets online. Its fun and diverse which is all me. 


To Mitch…THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Keep being lively and I wish you nothing but success. You are truly appreciated. 

For more information on The Daily Buzz, click here! 

NBA Draft- Karma Edition

26 06 2008

So, for those who are watching the NBA draft on ESPN right now…I know you see how many freshman have been drafted. So, get this, the NBA implements the notorious 2006 rule that a player cannot be drafted unless they are one year removed from college. I know you have all heard of the story about Brandon Jennings trying to screw the system by playing overseas. He says that the NCAA coaches are making money off of them and they have no choice but NOT to go to college. However, he is looking at the option of playing overseas where he will be able to make a good sum of money and play against older and more aggressive ball players. Yall already know that US teams gobble up international players! Well back to the issue at hand. So the NBA is currently in the first round around the 29th draft pick and most of them are college freshman. Sometimes having a team playing together for a longer length of time helps the team. Longevity helps to create cohesiveness and we all know that people who understand their playing traits, play better. The karma that I am talking about is, these players who really want to go to the NBA don’t want to play NCAA ball. They want to go pro and if they have a great freshman season and enough people in their ear….their name will get sent to the NBA draft losing their eligibility to further play in the NCAA. If this keeps happening, longevity will most likely go out the window. New star players each year and having to start all over each year…. darn! Too bad! Let’s be honest, college isn’t for everyone but since I don’t make the rules and only abide by them…. I can sit back, observe, then say I told you so. Congrats to these gentleman and please stay out of handcuffs and headlines but in our communities. 🙂 (That was so rude but its the best way that I can put it) 


My Scene Summer Edition: Houston Sneak peak

26 06 2008

I am trying to diversify the topics that I write about while not compromising my voice or being too superficial. I do want to provide people who read this blog with an alternative view to a lot that is going on and a part of that is our communities. This post is dedicated to the some hot spots that you might want to check out in Houston. I will also being doing a post on Washington D.C and the internet in the coming posts. 


Nike Houston Pro-City at Fonde Recreation Center for the pro- am league. See your favorite professional and amateur players all in one spot playing against each other. The biggest perk is that the games are free but do get the early or you won’t be getting a seat. Games start July 7 at 6:30. Be there EARLY! 

The Houston Astros- Go STROS. Root for the good guys at Minute Maid Stadium

The Houston Dynamo- Champions are no stranger to Houston. Neither is our soccer team at Reliant Stadium.

Houston is top notch when it comes to athletics even at the high school level. A lot of AAU tournaments happen during the summer as well as All-Star games. They offer another alternative in the sports arena. 


I don’t take shopping lightly! It is a stress reliever on me and not on my pocket book as it should be. I do splurge though ! 

Rice Village- Sandwiched in between the Medical Center and West University is this shopping gem. The ambiance that is created with the landscaping and architecture is very calming. It is an outside mall but is worth the exercise. My favorite stores are Premium Goods and Uncle Funky’s Daughter which are exclusive to the Village. They also have your favorites such as Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, and a host of others. 

The Highland Village- In between The Rice Village and The Galleria. It doesn’t boast as many stores as the Rice Village but is a good place for people who need to get a lot done in a little bit of time. Rice Epicurean and Central Market are right across the street for your grocery needs. As well as being surrounding by both fast food and dine-in restaurants, gas stations, and house-ware stores. 

The Galleria- This is the best place to shop in Houston for everything. Its not your quick get in- get out mall either! I love the Galleria with a passion and it trumps on so many other malls. Houston shopping has spoiled me because there is nothing like it. I know you have the East Coast and West Coast but been to both and I still say that Houston shopping is amazing because the people have southern hospitality and you have all the options in the world. Plus you can shop for any price point. 

But the location that is my get-a-way would be tucked away in the heart of Montrose. This little shopping strip on Westheimer has the best thrift stores that fit my style. Buffalo Exchange, Fashion Recycler, Leopard Lounge, Wish, Taxi Taxi, Eden, and a host of other great stores have unique items and the staff really try to create a relationship with you each time you visit. The newest edition is Suckerpunch which appeals to the urban streetwear scene. Montrose also has unique antique shops as well as quaint cafe’s and restaurants.  


I would be shot if I didn’t hit this point. You have soooo many options when eating in Houston its crazy! 

Shipley’s Donuts- Boasting only 200 locations in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  This one thing that I truly missed while at Howard. 

The Kolache Shoppe- Located on Richmond, behind Edward’s theatre. The best kolaches EVER. Freshly baked each day. If you are on a really tight budget, you can buy the limited supply of day-old kolaches and other pastries that they have. 

The Breakfast Klub- Mr. Marcus is a savior for this great restaurant. Limited hours but not limit on the flavor. I live for wings and waffles! You can’t go wrong. You will even have a chance to see celebrities because this hot spot is famous to Houston. 

The Reggae Hut- Being a 3rd ward representative..I live for THE REGGAE HUT. For a minute it was closed down but Mr. Marcus brought it back and brought back the original chef. My order is always jerk chicken with extra sauce and beef patties. The Cocoa bread and stew is amazing too!

Alfreda’s Soul Food Kitchen is just a block or two away and is GOOOOOODDDD! 

I would be dead wrong if I wrote about 3rd ward staples if I didn’t name FRENCHY’S! I cannot tell you what Frenchy’s does to me! I mean I am creole and the name is Frenchy’s. LOL It was a match made in heaven. Everything on the menu is wonderful and finish it off with a strawberry soda! Note: There is nothing like the original Frenchy’s! 

If you are in Houston, please try any thing with the name Goode Company in front of it! Goode Company Seafood, Goode Company Barbecue, Goode Company Mexican Food …whatever. It is alll Good! Lol Get it?

Cafe’ Express- Actually founded by my little cousin’s best friend’s mother. (Yall got that?) The food is light and full of taste. Perfect dine in atmosphere and very cozy. 

Ninfa’s- What good would a post about food in Houston if we didn’t talk about Mexican food. Ninfa’s is amazing. Just amazing! No need for elaboration!

Need a fast food fix???? I got you covered. Timmy Chans is bomb. I die for their biscuits and the prices are perfect for my college student wallet. I used to frequent the one on the Southwest Side of Houston by Fondren. Don’t let the appearance deter you…the food is good. 

This is just a sneak peak because I want to leave you wanting more. I will be updating and adding places frequently because there is SO much to do in Houston and if I don’t break it up…I won’t have enough room to write. 



What makes my news so darn good?

26 06 2008

I just wanted to pay homage to all of the lovely men that make my news just a little bit better to watch. This is clearly a MY OPINION post so feel free to add the people that you like to the list. 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A.J Hammer of CNN’s sister channel Headline News’ Showbiz Tonight. His last name is so ooooh! Who cares about Showbiz when you have face like that….mmmmm

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anderson Cooper of CNN’S Anderson Cooper 360. Those eyes do make me do full circles (360 degrees). His coverage is amazing and well put together just like his suits. Beautiful smile and professional. Did I mention those eyes??? Lol! 
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wolf Blitzer of CNN’s The Situation Room. Yes, this one might be questionable to many but my birthday is two days after Christmas. Blitzer sounds like Blizten the reindeer. I also think that a name like Wolf is sexy as all get up. Imagine him introducing himself….let me stop before I have to watch him on youtube! I bet he was a Fox in his younger days and just like a fine wine…it gets better with age. 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Since I decided not to create any particular order, I can clearly say this is my number 1. T. J Holmes in a CNN Weekend news anchor in the wee morning hours. I may not get much sleep having to wake up so early but I would do it over and over again for this man. Those eyes and cute smile just grasp your attention. He can be reporting about goldfish and I would still be amazed. When I go back to Atlanta, it is my duty in life to meet you and hug you (very tight). Let me stop before I sound creepy. 🙂

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Don Lemon from CNN’S Newsroom. He looks like that guy who would always open your door and be that shoulder to cry on. He would feel bad that he broke a girl’s heart because he can’t be with everyone. LOL Hey, a girl can dream! 

Others on my list:

Keith Olberman : Countdown with Keith Olberman on MSNBC

Mitch English and Andy Campbell: News Anchors on the Daily Buzz

Matt Lauer: The Today Show on NBC

Sanjay Gupta: CNN News




Made me mad: Guns in DC

26 06 2008

So I was just and I mean just watching CNN Newsroom with the oh so sexy Don Lemon when they went into the reel for the Supreme Court’s ruling of the District’s ban on gun licensing being unconstitutional. One of the opposed, Justice Stephen Breyer wrote a dissent saying: 

“In my view, there simply is no untouchable constitutional right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to keep loaded handguns in the house in crime-ridden urban areas.”

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

My mouth dropped at how stupid this man can be and I really don’t care who appointed you to the almighty position of Supreme Court Justice. I do believe in people having their own opinions but “crime-ridden urban areas”! Um, let me give your country club, jaded opinion a reality check. First of all, it seems kind of messed up at how bad education is in Washington D.C. I mean I have read the Constitution. I also know that there is a line in the PREAMBLE that does state promoting the “general Welfare”. If you don’t believe me, here is the Preamble to the United States of America’s Constitution:

We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

In my opinion, domestic tranquility and general welfare aren’t going to be found in a community that has an illiteracy level the rate of D.C’s. If you don’t know that rate, it is stated the more than one-third of Washington D.C is functionally illiterate. It is baffling that the nation’s pride and joy, the District of Columbia, has such a dirty backyard. I would think that this should be the best place to live but no. The prices are through the roof and people are being kicked out of their communities due to developers charging almost half a million dollars for a one bedroom condo. I have been looking for my first investment property, trust me I know. 

So my question to Justice Breyer is, if it is in the Constitution that we, as in ALL people (now not then) have these certain inalienable rights, would it make it unconstitutional for nothing to be done about it? For example, Washington D.C has a violent crime rate of  1,508.4 per every 1,000 inhabitants (2006 Figures). The population of Washington D.C was around 581,530 at that time. Thanks to the stats by the FBI  which also allows you to compare your state with others. Note that they break down the metropolitan areas versus their more rural areas because of course, less people= less crime(sometimes). This is twice the amount of violent crime in the metropolitan areas of California, a much larger state and home to some of the most dangerous gangs known to America. So I, Self Appointed Justice Britany Elise Rickett, find it unconstitutional that nothing is done to protect the domestic tranquility of Washington D.C. I for one would love to have a place where it can be documented where guns are going and who has them. People are less inclined to sneak around with an unlicensed gun if they are allowed the chance to have them. Gun safety should be taught in schools starting at a young level along with a mandatory training course for all of those interested in obtaining a gun license. You can’t go home with the gun from the store with the license. The gun vendors should also be carefully audited with their inventory and their buyers. The most corrupt people I have ever found are at the highest level in the America class system. Guns don’t kill people- people do. Don’t you dare blame it on an area that you don’t even care about. An unjust law is no law at all right? They will get their guns somewhere and I would prefer that I know instead of being out of the loop. 

People are very angry out here and they have been angry for a long time. Misbehavior is a sign of a lack of attention and a lack of discipline. Maybe we should start taking care of home first and stop sweeping these problems under the rug. The education system is horrible. Jobs require education. If you can’t find the means of paying bills, you are just SOL in the eyes of the majority. I don’t justify crime in any way but I also know that all of the people who I have ever been around that have had opportunities, had turned out not too shabby. I also know of the people who had doors closed on them over and over again, they are either dead, in jail, or apart of the so called “problem”.  It is unconstitutional in every area that isn’t black! I know the rhetoric used by the media to describe the Urban areas and the people that reside in them. I may be 19 and lacking all four wisdom teeth, but I still have the wisdom. 


It is human nature to do the opposite of what we are told. Just look at all children growing up. There wouldn’t be a need for a time out. At least now it can be controlled and documented regardless of the area. I do intend to one day get a gun license especially in Washington D.C where if the government won’t protect me, at least I can protect myself. Remember an unjust law is no law at all. So it would be safe to say that a just law not implemented is no law at all. Protect me and I won’t have to protect myself is all I’m saying!

Now back to Don.