This time last year….

15 05 2008

So this time last year…I was a graduating senior from The High School for Engineering Professions located on the campus of Booker T. Washington Senior High School. (Yes we were featured in the Kanye West- Touch the Sky video!) I remember walking across that stage TWICE since I was the Most Outstanding Senior.. as Teyana Taylor would say- GOOGLE me baby! Lol. On a less conceited sounding note, I am so proud to see that there are still people trying to better themselves and be leaders. To the Class of 2012…everywhere…CONGRATS! I didn’t go to my own prom or every single event but I loved my high school experience except I hated it too. 39th and Yale is a featured poem in my upcoming book that is an ode to my beloved Home of the War Eagles. I will be posting a series of helpful information to those transitioning to post-secondary education. Some of this information is Howard-learned so it might not pertain to everyone but hey…its free advice. 

So on to my first topic……

SO ITS SUMMER…time to chill right?

NOPE! This is the time when so many students get screwed over.

Make sure that you are making copies of everything. Hell, make copies of your copies.

I have a binder that is divided by topic and date. You might think I am OD, extra, lagniappe, doing the most, etc. but when it comes to trouble- you will be ready.

Always have your contact numbers saved in your phone. If you go on vacation and find out something is wrong, you can handle it as soon as it happens.

Don’t be afraid to snoop around on discussion boards to see what the ins and outs are. Sometimes they give you little tidbits of advice that are pertinent to that respective school. 

Make sure your money is taken care of before you leave home to go to school. If you are doing loans, make sure they are done early because in the case of Howard University…it will NOT be processed in time. 

Contact your advisor ASAP! Look at the classes you need to add because your course schemes are made available to you via the web or by contacting your advisor. Classes are like gold, everybody wants it but not everybody gets it when they need them most. 

If you are traveling far to college, let me tell you now…..GAS IS OUT THE _____________ (RHYMES WITH GAS BUT I HAVE YOUNGER VIEWERS)! Airlines have brought their baggage requirements down to only one FREE bag up to a certain weight (in most airlines now). You have to pay for each extra bag and overweight fees! Save yourself time and money by buying your stuff for your dorm in the area of your school. Another option, see if you can buy it at home and have the store ship it to the store in the area if applicable. 

I have a handy dandy list of all your dorm room needs and will be posting that in the page titled: Dorm Room 101! It is not a bible so don’t live by it! 

oh and my last tip for the summer—- HAVE FUN!

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From a Historically Black High School to a Historically Black University! 
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Booker T.      to HU!




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21 05 2008


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