Nanny 911- You can’t make stuff like this up

13 05 2008


First off, I haven’t watched TV in a while because I was tired of my brain being warped by the powers that be. So I changed to Nanny 911 and my brain has been blown! These children are crazy and I can’t always blame the parents because some of them just don’t know. But, this is some REAL reality TV. You can’t make this up at all! Then I began to look at society, what happened to the notion of it takes a community to raise a child? Hell, with children carrying guns, I don’t want to reprimand somebody else’s child especially when the mother might be around the same age as me. My generation is one of the first that doesn’t have to go through a major movement such as Civil Rights, Women’s Suffrage, or a major war. Hmmmmm are we raising some delinquent, ignorant punks? I can’t always blame the child or the parents because this new institution of child rearing has been in effect. My words to my elders are BE AN EXAMPLE! Some of yall are just as twisted as some of us. I try to use inclusive language because I am apart of this backwards movement. Lets go back to the community raising the child. You can help through the computer screen too!

Its a start!




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