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31 05 2008

So I am working on a big project at work, Nonette Funeral Home to be exact, but while you wait please send in your poetry, art, and/or photography to write@poeticsnoire.com or you can keep using the poeticsnoire@yahoo.com. I check both frequently. I will be updating biographies shortly as well as writing some very insightful posts (in my opinion). But I have compiled a list of nice things to do while you wait.

Things to do this summer and before I update this site:


Books I am currently reading or wish to read:

Cane River by Lalita Tademy

Red River by Lalita Tademy

The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois

more after the jump!



So its been a long time, shouldn’t have left you

27 05 2008

you should know the rest….all you music heads out there. Sorry for the delay but I have actually been working at my real job and at my so called “author” (aka not making any money as of yet)/ self publisher position. Yeah being a future entrepreneur does have its sucky moments but in due time…I will rise.

What have I been doing?

  • Watching the news….the real news like CNN, MSNBC, BET. I dare NOT watch that jiggabooness for my daily dose of news.
  • Going to work. Support black owned! Yes, I am an avid supporter of black owned businesses seeing as I work for one! Nonette Funeral Home 1292 Liberty Beaumont, TX 77701 (shamless plug I know) Okay, okay you caught me- nepotism at its best. My stepfather owns it but I still have to work! Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.
  • Writing and Editing my upcoming book.
  • Looking at pictures of The Obamas!
  • Watching School Daze, A Different World, The Cosby Show – The regulars for a future sucessful black female
  • Looking for internships and getting ready for school
  • Reading blogs…. I am really digging Stuff Black People Love and Stuff Educated Black People Love seeing as I am both black and educated!
  • just living my life! PERIOD POINT BLANK…



John Edwards endorses Obama and so do I!

17 05 2008

Yes you can find me walking around the Mecca with my fave Barack the Vote shirt that I got from one of my favorite stores-PREMIUM GOODS in my lovely hometown of Houston, Texas. (located in the Village on Times right across from MAC!) 

Just a quick update for those who are living under a rock

1. John Edwards endorsed Obama…running mate in the midst?? hmmm

2. Bush/McCain take shot at Barack’s view on foreign policy.

3. Barack being the amazing man that he is fights back!

but don’t let me sway your vote…I will be back with more on each of the candidates campaigns after the jump. 



NAACP names new President…NEWS that matters

17 05 2008

No this isn’t about some young startlet’s cocaine binge or who broke up with who…

This post is dedicated to the NAACP naming its new President! 

The NAACP is one of the oldest civil rights organizations; founded on February 12, 1909, the organization’s mission is to fight for the rights of people of color. The NAACP has been at the forefront in lobbying for change and movements such as: anti-lynching, fighting disenfranchisement, and anti-jim crow laws. If you don’t vote, then you are using NAACP in vain. If you are a minority attending a Predominantly White Institution, and you don’t know your history- You are using NAACP in vain. If you are a person who knows not what the NAACP stands for….well you know the rest. Go do a little history lesson at www.naacp.org.

Ben Jealous, an activist and former news executive, has been named the 17th President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. 

“I’m excited,” Jealous told The Associated Press. “I think that it’s a real affirmation that this organization is willing to invest in the future, to invest in the ideas and the leadership of the generation that is currently raising black children in this country.”

Jealous is a California native and alumnus of Columbia University; he attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. NAACP is in his blood, as five generations have been involved with the NAACP. He started work within the organization in the early 1990’s as a community organizer. 

Congrats to the NAACP and Jealous; I pray that you attain all of your goals during your administration.

I think it is time to renew my membership…. 🙂

Full article here:http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080517/ap_on_re_us/naacp_president;_ylt=AtpbUKhHf_iW6GM96.4n2edH2ocA

This time last year….

15 05 2008

So this time last year…I was a graduating senior from The High School for Engineering Professions located on the campus of Booker T. Washington Senior High School. (Yes we were featured in the Kanye West- Touch the Sky video!) I remember walking across that stage TWICE since I was the Most Outstanding Senior.. as Teyana Taylor would say- GOOGLE me baby! Lol. On a less conceited sounding note, I am so proud to see that there are still people trying to better themselves and be leaders. To the Class of 2012…everywhere…CONGRATS! I didn’t go to my own prom or every single event but I loved my high school experience except I hated it too. 39th and Yale is a featured poem in my upcoming book that is an ode to my beloved Home of the War Eagles. I will be posting a series of helpful information to those transitioning to post-secondary education. Some of this information is Howard-learned so it might not pertain to everyone but hey…its free advice. 

So on to my first topic……

SO ITS SUMMER…time to chill right?

NOPE! This is the time when so many students get screwed over.

Make sure that you are making copies of everything. Hell, make copies of your copies.

I have a binder that is divided by topic and date. You might think I am OD, extra, lagniappe, doing the most, etc. but when it comes to trouble- you will be ready.

Always have your contact numbers saved in your phone. If you go on vacation and find out something is wrong, you can handle it as soon as it happens.

Don’t be afraid to snoop around on discussion boards to see what the ins and outs are. Sometimes they give you little tidbits of advice that are pertinent to that respective school. 

Make sure your money is taken care of before you leave home to go to school. If you are doing loans, make sure they are done early because in the case of Howard University…it will NOT be processed in time. 

Contact your advisor ASAP! Look at the classes you need to add because your course schemes are made available to you via the web or by contacting your advisor. Classes are like gold, everybody wants it but not everybody gets it when they need them most. 

If you are traveling far to college, let me tell you now…..GAS IS OUT THE _____________ (RHYMES WITH GAS BUT I HAVE YOUNGER VIEWERS)! Airlines have brought their baggage requirements down to only one FREE bag up to a certain weight (in most airlines now). You have to pay for each extra bag and overweight fees! Save yourself time and money by buying your stuff for your dorm in the area of your school. Another option, see if you can buy it at home and have the store ship it to the store in the area if applicable. 

I have a handy dandy list of all your dorm room needs and will be posting that in the page titled: Dorm Room 101! It is not a bible so don’t live by it! 

oh and my last tip for the summer—- HAVE FUN!

more posts after the jump…..


From a Historically Black High School to a Historically Black University! 
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Booker T.      to HU!

I think its time I should clear some stuff up…

14 05 2008

Many interested contributors ask me questions about the logistics of this project and its purpose. So I will use this post to reiterate the submission guideline as well as creating a whole page dedicated to this topic. 


Submissions guidelines:

The Poetics Noire: Volume I is currently accepting poetry, photography, and drawings that shed a new perspective on how the future leaders of America think about a multitude of issue from race, politics, love, hate, etc.  This anthology is a vehicle that will provide minorities and youth a chance to be published without having to compromise their voice. 

There is NO limit to the amount of submissions. If they are great, the will be approved (on most occasions).

Please email submissions to :

write@poeticsnoire.com and cc it to poeticsnoire@yahoo.com


Your Full Name


Working  Phone Number:

Best time to contact you:

If you are in school, the school you attend

Theme of your work:



All works submitted must be the original work of the artist. 

Please check the page entitled: About the Poetics Noire for more information including Frequently Asked Questions, Submissions Guidelines, and Contact Information. 




Would you like to wake up now?

14 05 2008

NOPE, didn’t think so!

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Check out the new biography for Bryan Chabrow in the section called- The Dreamer.